About Us

The ” Balkan Beauties ” page was set up for informing the people across the world about the beauty in the Balkan countries , and to give them one reason more to visit one of them .
We are going to show you pictures of the amazing places in Balkan countries , events that are happening there , characteristic of the people who live there , culture , traditions , famous stars , movies , songs , etc.
Our mission is to advance the economic and social activity of tourism in the national interest , and to achieve a healthy, sustainable and equitable tourism sector for Balkan countries, attracting regular inflows of quality visitors throughout the year from a diverse range of source markets, whilst ensuring that those who choose our destinations are served with professionalism and care.
We are here to promote the Balkan Countries as a tourism destination , to contribute toward the improvement of the level of human resources in the tourism industry , to advise the governments on the planning and development of the tourism industry as well as on the infrastructure supporting the industry .
We are passionate travelers, willing and trying to show the world the beautiful side of the Balkan countries , expecting that people would come and visit some of the Balkan countries and share the happiness and joy with the Balkan peoples .
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